ACI FOILStar 300 - 20W Fiber DFL Business Ventus Marker II Tape Feed System

The ACI FOILStar 300 is a tape feed and film handling system, ideal for mass production of labels and tags with as little material handling as possible. The ACI FOILStar enables long-lasting, high-quality marking of laser markable and engravable films like tesa Secure 6973, creating permanent and durable label solutions in bulk quantities in an automated fashion. 

System Includes:

  • Laser: ACI 20W Fiber DFL Business Ventus Marker II 
  • Operation Modes: Continuous mode for using a continuous web of materials, Label mode for precut labels from the roll
  • Included Equipment: FOILStar feed system with integrated cutting blade, Integrated fume extraction system, MagicMark Software
  • Optional Features: External rewinding unit, Cutting Trays, Integrated Scanners and Barcode Verifiers

Safety and Ergonomics:

This turnkey system conforms to laser safety class 1 standards to ensure maximum safety without the need for additional safety devices or precautions. The ergonomically optimized design of the benchtop workstations, coupled with practical functionality, ensures excellent user satisfaction and efficient usage of space, whether installed in a warehouse, production line, or office setting. 


ACI Business Fiber series lasers have variable pulse shapes, which ensure high quality and cleanliness of the marking. All fiber lasers are air-cooled and have long operating times without high maintenance costs.


The FOILStar 300 system features award winning Magic Mark V3 open source laser control software, enabling easy integration for automatic marking of variable or static graphic design elements including texts, logos, Data Matrix or 1-D barcodes & serial numbers. An intelligent rights management system supports the establishment of different operator groups, thus allowing customization of the system to the user's individual requirements.

Custom script applications can be created as well, further extending software functionality to meet specific customer requirements.

Technical Data:

DFL Ventus Marker
Laser type Yb:fibre
Laser power 20 W
Wavelength 1,064 ± 5 nm
Operating mode pulsed
Beam quality M² > 1,3 bis > 3,7, system-dependent
Laser class 1
Laser head dimensions (L x W x H) 595 x 203 x 140 mm
Supply unit dimensions (L x W x H) 650 x 224 x 460 mm
Laser head weight 8 kg
Supply unit weight 27 kg
Interfaces USB
Functional safety acc. to DIN EN ISO 13849-1 PLe