ACI Workstation Professional

ACI Workstation Professional

Experience unparalleled flexibility and precision with the ACI Workstation Professional, a robust laser station designed to meet a wide range of industrial marking and processing needs. Engineered with standard X- and Z-axes and featuring a spacious work area, this workstation excels in handling large quantities and heavy components with ease.

Key Features:

  • Versatile Application: Compatible with all ACI marking and trimming lasers, making it suitable for processing virtually all materials.
  • Robust Construction: Designed for laser material processing of large quantities and heavy components, offering reliability and durability.
  • Technical Specifications:
    • Usable Mounting Surface: 600 x 600 mm (Workstation Professional) / 800 x 800 mm (Workstation Professional XL)
    • X-axis Travel: 400 mm (Workstation Professional) / 600 mm (Workstation Professional XL)
    • Y-axis Travel (optional): 240 mm
    • Z-axis Travel: 440 mm
    • Laser Safety Class: 1
    • Dimensions (l x w x h): 1278 x 760 x 1072 mm (Workstation Professional) / 1278 x 960 x 1072 mm (Workstation Professional XL)
    • Weight (excl. laser device): 150 kg (Workstation Professional) / 170 kg (Workstation Professional XL)
    • Interface: USB
    • Load Capacity: 100 kg (Workstation Professional) / 120 kg (Workstation Professional XL)

Advanced Features:

  • Integrated Control Panel: Simplifies operation and control directly from the workstation.
  • Safety and Convenience: Includes large laser safety window, electric door, integrated work area lighting, and membrane keypad for enhanced usability.
  • Optional Accessories: Motorized Y-axis/Y-table, rotation axis for uniform marking, vision system (AOI, CPM), code and ID reading systems, type plate handling system, workpiece holders (e.g., prism device, changing device), and external laser extraction system.
  • Software: Operates with Magic Mark laser software, facilitating text, graphics, codes (DataMatrix, barcodes), serial numbers, logos, and circumferential marking for rotationally symmetrical components. Supports intelligent rights management and integrates seamlessly with automated production lines.

Turnkey Solution:

The Workstation Professional complies with laser protection class 1, ensuring maximum operator safety without requiring additional safety equipment. Its ergonomic design and practical functionality guarantee high user satisfaction in industrial settings.

Enhance Your Laser Processing Efficiency:

Upgrade your industrial marking capabilities with the ACI Workstation Professional, delivering superior performance and adaptability for diverse manufacturing applications.