BarTender Professional: Application License + 2 Printers (Includes Standard Maintenance and Support)

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BarTender® Professional Edition: Your Solution for Professional Label, Barcode, Card, and RFID Design

Elevate your label and card design capabilities with BarTender® Professional Edition, tailored for departments and small businesses seeking sophisticated design features and RFID encoding. Offering an intuitive interface akin to the Starter Edition, the Professional Edition unlocks advanced design tools and database integration for seamless printing operations.

Key Features:

Enhanced Design Capabilities: Access professionally designed templates or create your own with BarTender's intuitive interface. Utilize smart wizards to optimize printing performance and compliance with industry standards.

Expanded Design Tools: Choose from over 50 drawing shapes, resize and reshape them effortlessly. Access hundreds of symbols and images or import your own graphics for personalized designs.

Rich Text Formatting: Format text according to your preferences with rich text formatting, ensuring clarity and consistency in your designs.

Image Enhancement: Enhance imported graphics with high-quality image-processing controls, including brightness, contrast, saturation, and more.

Data Access from Files and Databases: Minimize print-time data entry by pulling data from Excel files, text files, and various databases, streamlining your printing process.

Database Connectivity and RFID Encoding: Design and print labels, cards, mag stripe cards, and RFID labels with ease. Encode RFID labels seamlessly within the same interface.

Visual Basic Script Editor: Script data sources effortlessly with the dynamic VB Script Editor, enabling customized scripting for enhanced functionality.

Data Entry Forms: Simplify data entry with data entry prompts, query prompts, and record selectors on the same form. Design multiple forms for a single template, enhancing user convenience.

Easy RFID Encoding: Create RFID objects as easily as any other label object, with clear on-screen display of RFID chips and antennas for optimized designs.

Professional Printing Flexibility: Preview and print labels and cards from a dedicated Print Station interface. Print multiple label formats as a single batch, leveraging the special features of label and card printers for optimal performance.

Standard Maintenance and Support: Access live technical support channels, receive software updates, licensing and activation assistance, and more for uninterrupted operation.

Unlock the full potential of your label, barcode, card, and RFID designs with BarTender® Professional Edition. Contact us today to elevate your printing capabilities and streamline your operations.