Cab MACH2/300 Label Printer

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MACH 2 Series Label Printer: Versatile Labeling Solutions

Elevate your labeling capabilities with the MACH 2 Series Label Printer by cab. Designed for versatility and performance, this printer offers exceptional print quality and reliability for a variety of labeling needs.

Label printer MACH2
Printable resolution dpi 203 300
Print width up to mm 108 105.7
Print speed up to mm/s 177 127


Key Features:

  • Flexible Printing Options: Choose from a range of print resolutions and speeds to suit your specific requirements.
  • Durable Construction: Engineered for durability, ensuring consistent performance in challenging environments.
  • Intuitive Operation: Effortlessly navigate through operations with user-friendly controls and a simple interface.
  • Connectivity Options: Seamlessly connect to your existing systems with USB and Ethernet connectivity options.
  • Material Versatility: Print on an array of label materials, including paper, cardboard, synthetics, and more, for maximum flexibility.
  • Professional Print Quality: Achieve professional-grade labels with superior print quality and resolution.
  • Compact Design: Save space on your workspace while enjoying powerful performance, ideal for small to medium-sized businesses.

Technical Specifications:

  • Print Method: Thermal transfer
  • Print Resolution: Variable resolutions available for customizable label output
  • Print Speed: Choose from different speed settings for efficient label production
  • Print Width: Accommodates various label sizes for versatility
  • Material Compatibility: Supports a wide range of label materials to meet diverse needs
  • Connectivity: USB and Ethernet connectivity options for seamless integration

Applications: From product labeling and shipping to inventory management, asset tracking, compliance labeling, and retail applications, the MACH 2 Series is the ultimate solution for versatile labeling requirements.

Ordering Information: Discover the power of versatility with the MACH 2 Series Label Printer. Explore our range of accessories and options to tailor your labeling experience. With reliable performance and quick delivery, we're committed to delivering top-notch labeling solutions for your business needs.