Cab WICON Wrap Applicator

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cab Technologies Wicon Applicator

Experience precision labeling with the cab Technologies Wicon Applicator, engineered and manufactured in Germany to the highest standards. Perfect for cable marking using wrap-around labels, this advanced applicator revolutionizes cylindrical item labeling with its innovative features and seamless operation for use with cab Technologies' SQUIX 4/MP label printers, including the SQUIX 4/300MP and SQUIX 4/600MP models.

Key Features:

  • Versatile Labeling: The Wicon Applicator is designed for cylindrical items with diameters ranging from 2 mm to 16 mm, including wires, cables, hoses, tubes, and round rods. Its adaptable design ensures consistent and accurate labeling for various applications.
  • Transparent Laminate: Transparent laminate covers data blocks, providing persistent protection against dust and wear. This ensures long-lasting durability and legibility of labels, even in demanding environments.
  • Multiple Printing Options: Choose from manual insertion, robotic insertion, or automatic feeding and positioning for single or continuous items. The applicator offers flexibility to accommodate different labeling requirements and operational preferences.
  • High-Resolution Printing: With thermal transfer technology, the Wicon Applicator delivers high-resolution printing for clear, crisp labels. Whether printing text, barcodes, or graphics, it ensures exceptional quality and readability.
  • Easy Maintenance: The applicator is designed for easy maintenance, with accessible components and intuitive servicing procedures. This minimizes downtime and maximizes productivity, ensuring seamless operation in demanding industrial environments.
  • Wide Compatibility: Compatible with a range of label materials and sizes, the Wicon Applicator offers versatility to meet diverse labeling needs. From vinyl to specialized materials, it provides the flexibility to adapt to various applications with ease.
  • Wrap Label Material: cab Technologies offers wrap label material for purchase separately, ensuring compatibility and optimal performance with the Wicon Applicator. Choose from a variety of materials to suit specific application requirements.

Technical Specifications:

  • Item Diameter Range: 2.0 mm - 16.0 mm
  • Label Width: 12.7 mm - 50.8 mm
  • Label Height: 19.1 mm - 70.0 mm
  • Applicator Cycle: 1.8 - 6 seconds
  • Number of Wrap-arounds: 2 - 10
  • Speed of Wrapping Around: Up to 3.0 units per second
  • Material: Vinyl, 80 μm thickness, permanent adhesive
  • Operating Temperature: +15°C to +35°C
  • Service Temperature: -40°C to +80°C
  • Resistances: Water, dirt, petrol, oils, alcohol, detergents, UV light

Compatibility: Works seamlessly with cab Technologies' SQUIX 4/MP label printers, including the SQUIX 4/300MP and SQUIX 4/600MP models.

Enhance your labeling processes with the cab Technologies Wicon Applicator, a reliable solution for efficient and accurate cylindrical item labeling. From cable marking to industrial applications, it delivers unparalleled performance and durability, setting new standards in labeling technology.