DataMan 8072V Verifier with USB Communications

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The DataMan 8072V verifier revolutionizes the direct part mark (DPM) barcode verification process, offering a compact and versatile solution. Unlike traditional verifiers that are bulky, expensive, and complex, the 8072V is designed to simplify and enhance the verification experience. With its powerful lighting options, fast processing engine, and high-resolution camera, it can accurately capture and grade even the most challenging DPM barcodes.

Key Features:

  • Field of View (FOV): 27mm x 20mm
  • Minimum X-Dimension: 6.0 mil
  • Lighting Options: 30, 45, and 90 degree lighting options, enabling easy illumination of codes on textured, curved, and recessed surfaces.

Kit Includes:

  • 8072V Verifier: The core component of the kit, equipped with advanced features for accurate barcode verification.
  • Standoff (DMV-8072V-SO-0200): Ensures optimal positioning and stability during the verification process.
  • Basic Calibration Card (DMV-WCC): Facilitates calibration for precise and reliable verification results.
  • USB 2.0 Slide-in (DMCM-USB2EN-00): Enables seamless connectivity to compatible devices via USB 2.0.
  • USB Cable (DM8500-USBC-02): Provides connectivity between the verifier and other devices.
  • Power Supply (158-1084R): Powers the verifier for uninterrupted operation.

The DataMan 8072V barcode verifier kit offers unparalleled versatility, accuracy, and ease of use, making it an essential tool for businesses requiring reliable DPM barcode verification.