DataMan 8700LX Wireless Bluetooth Reader Kit with RS-232 Base


Introducing the DataMan 8700LX Bluetooth Handheld Reader Kit with RS-232 Base

Enhance your label-based barcode scanning capabilities with the comprehensive DataMan 8700LX Wireless Bluetooth Reader Kit with RS-232 Base kit. Engineered to excel in various environments, this kit offers unparalleled robustness, advanced communications, and ease of use.

Kit Components:

  • DataMan 8700LX Bluetooth Handheld Reader (DMR-8700LX-BT): Experience exceptional label reading performance with advanced communications via Bluetooth.
  • DataMan 8700 Base Station configured for RS-232 (DMB-8700-RS): Seamlessly connect your handheld reader via RS-232 for reliable data transmission.
  • 5000mAh Battery (DMA-BATTERY-5000-1): Enjoy extended operation time for uninterrupted scanning sessions.
  • Firmware Update Cable (DMC-HH-RS232-USB): Keep your device up-to-date with easy firmware updates.

Key Features of the DataMan 8700LX Handheld Reader:

  • Great Label Reading Performance: Effortlessly reads labels with precision and accuracy for improved productivity.
  • Red Direct Lighting: Provides optimal illumination for label scanning applications.
  • HDR (High Dynamic Range): Ensures clear scanning in challenging lighting environments.
  • PowerGrid: Decodes poorly printed or damaged labels with accuracy, minimizing production line downtime.
  • Fixed Lens: Offers consistent performance for label reading tasks.
  • 1.6MP Resolution: High-resolution imaging for accurate barcode recognition, crucial for inventory management and quality assurance.
  • ISO 16750-5, Oil Resistant: Resilient against harsh conditions, including resistance to oil.
  • IP67 Rated: Dust tight and water immersion protection, ideal for various environments.
  • Drop Test: Withstands multiple drops from 2.5 meters, ensuring durability.
  • OLED Display: Intuitive interface for easy setup and configuration.
  • 360 Degree Ring Light, Beeper, Vibration Grip, and 2 LED Aimers: Enhance user experience and efficiency.
  • Bluetooth 4.2 Support: Enables wireless connectivity for flexibility and mobility.

Power Options:

  • External Power Supply (DM8700-PWR-00): Power your device externally for continuous operation (requires DMC-HH-RS232-02C or DMC-HH-RS232-05C).
  • Power over DB9 Pin 9 (requires DMC-HH-RS232P-02C): Alternatively, power your device via the DB9 connector.

Experience unmatched performance and reliability with the DataMan 8700LX Bluetooth Handheld Reader Kit with RS-232 Base. Whether in manufacturing, warehousing, or logistics, this kit is your ultimate solution for label-based barcode scanning needs.