I-GUIDES® Blue Reader App

SKU: CS35-APP-0001

I-GUIDES® Blue, BLE Tracking Solution

I-GUIDES® Blue is a cloud based BLE platform for asset tracking throughout a local or global supply chain network. Using the I-GUIDES® Blue pack of hardware and software solutions, organizations can quickly improve accuracy of current asset locations, increase accountability of key assets throughout their lifecycle, and use reporting and alerting tools to increase productivity and efficiency of operations. 

Accuracy, Convenience, Reliability

The I-GUIDES® Blue App is installed on smart devices for collection of Shepherd® Tag data in real time. Using the I-GUIDES® Blue App, an Android mobile device can become an additional read point in your asset tracking infrastructure.

  • Mobile functionality allows users to interact with Shepherd® Tags in their area without fixed reader infrastructure. Ideal for monitoring temporary, remote, or huge outdoor areas.
  • Collects Shepherd® Tag data within 300 feet (91m) radius
  • Sends data to I-GUIDES® Blue via secure web protocols
  • Algorithms filter and store data before sending to I-GUIDES® Blue Cloud Servers
  • Built in tag sniffer to help find lost equipment in the field.



  • Evidence room tracking
  • Weapons Tracking
  • High value asset monitoring
  • Airport ground support equipment
  • Fast inventory management deployment
  • Vehicle tracking
  • Real-time shipment tracking
  • Many, many more


  • API for integration with existing systems
  • Real-time alerts and alarms
  • Real-time maps
  • Chain-of-custody data log server
  • Cloud based or locally hosted