tesa® Secure™ 6973 PV3 Black Gloss Rolls

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tesa® Secure™ 6973 PV3 Black Gloss Laser Label Tape

Overview: tesa® Secure™ 6973 PV3 Black Gloss Laser Label Tape offers a robust solution for durable identification and marking needs, combining the durability of metal plates with the flexibility of labels. It is available in a roll form with dimensions of 120mm x 300m (4.72" x 984.25'), suitable for extensive production runs and versatile marking applications.

Product Characteristics:

  • Material Composition: Double-layered, highly cross-linked polyacrylic film with a modified acrylic adhesive and dimensionally stable release paper.
  • Thickness: 4.7 mils.
  • Roll Dimensions: 120mm x 300m (4.72" x 984.25').
  • Engraving and Die-Cutting: Can be easily engraved and die-cut in one step using Nd:YAG, Fiber, or CO2 lasers, offering high customization and efficiency in production.
  • Chemical Resistance: Resistant to abrasion, grease, oils, and various chemicals, ensuring durability in challenging environments.
  • Temperature Range: Operates reliably from -50°C to +200°C (-58°F to +392°F), suitable for extreme temperature conditions.
  • Application: Peel-and-stick application eliminates the need for rivets or screws, simplifying installation on various surfaces.
  • Tamper-Evident: Provides tamper-evident properties, enhancing security and reliability in critical applications.
  • Flexible Handling: Easy to handle and apply, adaptable to different sizes and shapes without requiring multiple tools or fixtures.
  • Economical: Cost-effective solution compared to etched metal plates or laminated labels, offering long-term savings without compromising performance.


  • Industrial labeling and marking where durability and resistance to tampering are essential.
  • Ideal for industrial labeling and marking, including identification, barcoding, inspection, inventory, and rating labels.
  • Automotive, aerospace, and marine environments.
  • Equipment and machinery identification in harsh conditions.
  • Security and asset tagging applications.

tesa® Secure™ 6973 PV3 Black Gloss Laser Label Tape combines advanced material technology with practical application benefits, ensuring reliable performance in demanding marking and identification environments.