tesa® Secure™ 6973 PV6 Black Matte Strip Kit

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tesa® Secure™ 6973 PV6 Black Matte Strip Kits

Overview: tesa® Secure™ 6973 PV6 Black Matte Strip Kits offer a versatile solution for precise labeling needs, providing pre-cut strips of tesa 6973 for use with flatbed laser marking systems. Available in standard lengths and sizes, these kits are convenient for various marking applications for users who do not require full rolls, or would like to receive the material precut. 

Product Characteristics:

  • Material Composition: Double-layered, highly cross-linked polyacrylic film with a modified acrylic adhesive and dimensionally stable release paper.
  • Thickness: 5.8 mils.
  • Size: 4.72'' Wide, available in 8'', 10'', our 12'' length strips
  • Engraving and Die-Cutting: Can be engraved and die-cut in one easy step using Nd:YAG, Fiber, or CO2 lasers, ensuring high customization and efficiency.
  • Chemical Resistance: Resistant to abrasion, grease, oils, and various chemicals, ensuring durability in challenging environments.
  • Temperature Range: Operates reliably from -50°C to +200°C (-58°F to +392°F), suitable for extreme temperature conditions.
  • Application: Peel-and-stick application eliminates the need for rivets or screws, simplifying installation on various surfaces.
  • Customizable: Custom sizes and shapes available, allowing flexibility in labeling requirements.
  • Flexible Handling: Offers flexibility similar to labels with the robustness of metal plates, making it ideal for diverse marking applications.
  • Tamper-Evident: Provides tamper-evident properties, enhancing security and reliability in critical applications.
  • Economical: Cost-effective solution compared to traditional metal plates or laminated labels, offering long-term savings without compromising performance.


  • Perfect for use with flatbed laser marking systems.
  • Provides a robust alternative to traditional coding and marking methods.
  • Easy to handle and apply, eliminating the need for etched metal plates or laminated labels.

tesa® Secure™ 6973 PV6 Black Matte Strip Kits are designed to meet the demands of industrial labeling and marking, ensuring reliable performance and ease of use in various applications.